Dear FCC Chairman Wheeler,

Please protect our free data!
Today’s mobile society demands that we use our mobile phones more and more.  We love being able to send texts, stream movies, track our steps, play games, navigate, and do a million other things on our smartphones whenever, wherever, and however we want.
That’s why we need you to safeguard free data. Free data plans empower us to exert even more control over how we use mobile services. Being able to stream as much music or video as we want is an amazing thing – it frees up data that we can use on other things. Free data lets us explore new information in new ways or lets us try out new applications. 
Free data plans are not only compatible with the FCC’s open internet rules, they also create valuable opportunities for people to save money and for small businesses to gain visibility in what has become an increasingly crowded field of online content creators and marketers.


The vast majority of consumers say they are in favor of free data. So far, the FCC has done the right thing by allowing free data plans. It should continue on this path. The FCC should evaluate each new plan individually and only take action to prohibit a plan if a mobile provider or content company engages in bad behavior that actually hurts consumers. The FCC should not categorically ban free data plans.

As people concerned about our monthly bills and interested in getting the best the internet has to offer, we ask the FCC to continue to protect free data plans. There is no one-size fit all approach for how we use our smartphones to get online. But one thing is for sure – the FCC should support and encourage free data plans.