The Wireless Race the United States Must Win .

This article originally appeared on CTIA by Meredith Attwell Baker.

Countries around the world are vying for leadership in the next-generation of wireless, 5G. New research ranks China narrowly ahead of South Korea and the United States as the most 5G-ready nation.

We should all take note because continuing to leading the world in wireless matters, and this global race has true economic consequence for all Americans. We know this because the U.S. won the race to 4G, which drove a nearly $100 billion increase to our economy, spurred new jobs, and created new industries, like the app economy.

On the other side of the coin, we see what happened when wireless leadership was lost in Europe and Japan, which previously led the world in wireless. At their height, they were respectively home to the world’s leading handset, mobile internet service and telecom hardware and software industries.

The European Commission now concedes that, “we had 80 percent of the market in 2008 and because we were not ready for 4G mass deployment, the EU industry lost almost its entire market share for mobile phones.” Despite efforts to reverse those negative trends for 5G, the study reveals European nations still significantly trail in the 5G race, clear evidence of the long-lasting consequences of losing wireless leadership.

Read the rest of Meredith’s op-ed, here.

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