The World Has Changed, The Way We View Mobile Data Plans Should Too


Once upon a time, cell phones looked like and weighed as much as a brick.  Only the wealthiest of the wealthy could afford them, and on a good day, the best you could hope for was a sometimey signal where you could kinda make out what the person on the other end of the call was saying.  But times have surely changed. Not only is today’s technology smaller, faster, and better, but our mobile connections keep us constantly in the know, with the world always at our fingertips.

Smartphones, in particular, but also tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices now provide us with ways to customize our online experience and make the digital world our own. We want what we want whenever and wherever we want it. That’s the reality of today’s mobile-first society. This is why it’s high time that our service plans change too.  As consumers, we’re tired of the one-size fits all experience, and most of the time, we’re looking for new and interesting ways to tailor our mobile services with our pocketbooks in mind.

Fortunately, wireless companies are responding to this growing sentiment by experimenting with how to make mobile data plans more affordable.  There’s a lot of momentum being created in this space that benefits all people, and it’s the kind of momentum we want to see continued in the future.

Although the cost of mobile data has plummeted over the past 10 years (think $500 for 1 GB in 2007 v. $11 for 1 GB in 2014), people often still pay more for their data use than they would like. But with insatiable consumer demand comes innovation. We’re seeing this from mobile companies in the form of free data, which provides consumers with many options for lowering their bill. And we’re seeing it from other entities that are eager to tap into this thriving space.

For example, a company called FreeMo recently launched to help people pass on the cost of their cell phone bills to advertisers.  Freemo, which is available on all Android phones, Google Play, and the website, allows people to get credits for their phone bills in exchange for supplying valuable marketing data to advertisers. Whether you’re taking surveys, downloading apps, watching videos, or redeeming coupons, you can earn enough credits to either drastically reduce or eliminate the cost of your monthly phone bill.

Programs like these make it easier for people to explore more of the internet while cutting their bill – a win-win if ever there was one!  These innovative practices can be a real game changer at a time when the internet is becoming even more vital to our lives. This is why even more experimentation and innovation is needed and should encouraged by policymakers.

Mobile services have become such important parts of our lives. Isn’t it time we rethink how we pay for them?

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