#MobileLikeMe Takes it’s Message to the FCC

The fight to protect your “Free Data” was taken directly to the FCC on Thursday, October 27.  Despite the weather being a little cold and overcast, #MobileLikeMe was extremely effective in getting the message out that free data is important to consumers.


The MobileLikeMe movement spread the word as curious passersby’s learned more about its mission and support for free data programs.  They soon realized the movement is dedicated to helping everyone  access the internet via their mobile devices through education, capitalization on innovative offerings, and elimination of regulatory and legislative obstacles.  In fact, by the days’ end, our message had gone viral and over 3 million people around the country had learned more about #MobileLikeMe.

With over 40,000 petitions in support of free data programs on display, the day was not only about letting the public know how MobileLikeMe is fighting to help consumers access the internet, it was also about letting the FCC commissioners know why accessing the internet (especially on cell phones/ tablets) is vital to people everywhere.  We were fortunate enough to meet with 4 out of the 5 FCC commissioners (Commissioner Pai, Wheeler, Rosenworcel, and Clyburn) all of whom provided great insights as to how we can help even more people.

This was truly a great day.  #MobileLikeMe will continue to spread the word and not only engage those who are “Mobile Like Me” –  millennials, people with lower income, and minorities, but also those who are yet to become Mobile Like Me. We will continue to meet with crucial decision makers to gain their support of our Mobile Like Me movement.

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